How an organization THINKS determines what an organization lives by and how it functions.

This is usually captured in lofty goals, mission & vision statements etc. prominently displayed but sub optimally adopted.

Aliagroup has always believed that such statements are dated and basic hygiene factors in business e.g. quality products’,  ‘to be the best in the industry’, ’provide best customer service’ ‘care for the environment’ etc. they are usually generic and perhaps even limiting. This is not ‘thinking’

As a thought leader Aliagroup believes that any “Thinking” is an output of many factors beyond mission, vision and goals. It represents the true ethos of an organization - which goes beyond statements - into being & belonging.

It is this that we wish Aliagroup employees to pursue, imbibe and share. This will along with our values will enable us to THINK collectively and respond to business and growth challenges.

Aliagroup’s growth is founded on its philosophy and ability to OUTTHINK

  • To us OUTTHINK is an Alchemy-A simple desire to create lasting value!
  • It is to create something out of nothing, It is to find unknown combinations of known things
  • As entrepreneurs we began with nothing but a deep burning desire to create and to build
  • Whatever we have built has been built on the foundation of passion, initiative, ownership and intellect
  • We began with no capital, no business experience and certainly no inherited resources - Our resources were our will, our integrity , our attitude, our humility and our ability to constantly learn, our personal relationships and self-belief
  • Out of this we created an organization of learners and leaders
  • With limited resources and experience- we have believed that success can only be achieved when we OUTTHINK the situation, the solutions and the competition
  • To OUTTHINK is to find solutions and directions way beyond the obvious. It is to leverage the mind to deliver more
  • OUTTHINK urges one to think, seek greater value than the obvious and push boundaries never perceived one could scale
  • It is to question presumptuous, It is to be curious, It is to question practices & mores objectively, It is to demand and seek answers where none may exist
  • It is to challenge convention in a benign manner - in a quest to find newer & more efficient answers, solutions & way of doing things - as also it is about constantly challenging yourself to perform better by your own standards
  • It is to realize that growth can only come through collaboration and to empower people and be acutely responsive to your clients, partners and stakeholders
  • It is to be humble. To have your eyes on the stars but feet on the ground
  • It is about never being satisfied with achievement and any laurels won thus far
  • It is to have an ambition to add value to ANY situation - personal, social or professional