Sethunath P (Managing Director - Aliagroup)

Aliagroup’s MD and  founder of ALIA  - India’s first institutional  packaging pre media  house taking it to a global recognition and achieving a top 20 place.Launched TPB in 2010  and managed the challenges of disruption by the unorganized sector  - starting it from scratch

A natural leader – with passion for people who grows with him. Entrepreneur  at heart

Alpana Parida (President - DYWorks)

A graduate of IIM(A) ’85 and St. Stephen’s College, Economics; Alpana has experience in building and growing brands across India and the US. Our toughest critic, she believes that organizations with prima donna personalities are never scalable.

All our attitude & enthusiasm  is in our work and not necessarily in our personalities.

Suresh Pradhan (Business Head - The Print Bazaar)

Suresh has ICAI / ICWAI background with over 17 years of experience in field of M&A, financial strategies, business analysis etc. Incubating new ventures and leading them to success is his forte. Suresh has worked in companies ranging from small start ups to conglomerates in different kinds of industries ranging from FMCG, Management Consulting, Venture capitals, product development & engineering outfits. His latest assignment is his dream company CBO Technologies which more than anything else is his first entrepreneurial venture. In addition to the same, Suresh also heads the Corporate Finance team of the FMCG behemoth Aliagroup